The new Bugatti Chiron Sport

Chiron Sport Wordpremiere

Bugatti came to the 2018 Geneva Motor Show with an updated Chiron, naming it the Chiron Sport. Its aim on this new model is to improve its handling and rigidity. Bugatti made no modifications with the engine output, remaining at 1500 hp and 1600 nm of torque powered by a 8.0-litre W16 quad turbo engine. It seems like they are not aiming to beat their fiercest rival, Koenigsegg in terms of raw top speed and acceleration.

So what’s new in this Chiron Sport? The suspension setup is now 10% stiffer, weight of the car is reduced by 18 kg as compared to the standard Chiron due to the wide usage of new lightweight material parts such as the new carbon fibre stabilisers, intercooler cover and windscreen wipers. Yes you heard it right, carbon fibre windscreen wipers! The new carbon fibre wipers are now 1.4 kg lighter than its predecessor. Don’t you just love how car manufacturers are finding new ways for weight reduction? The Chiron Sport is also fitted with lighter front and rear glass and a new lighter exhaust deflector.

The Chiron Sport also features a Dynamic Torque Vectoring function that distributes torque individually to the wheels on each side. This improves the agility and the steering behaviour of the car especially in tight corners. All of these changes made the Chiron Sport even more sharp and responsive and the laptime at the Nardo test circuit is 5 seconds faster than the standard Chiron.

The car is painted with the Italian red colour. Other colours include the “French Racing Blue”, the silver tone “Gris Rafale” and a dark grey “Gun Powder”. The red “16” that is found on the humongous black radiator grille refers to the number of cylinders in the engine, which is 16.

Moving to the interior, Bugatti utilized 3 materials for the styling of their interior. Alcantara is used for the roof liner, A-pillar, the sunblinds, the rear wall trim the sill trims, the lower part of the central console, the insides of the seat side cushions and the boot lining. Leather is used for the seats, the inside door trims, the islands on the dashboard including the instrument cluster trim, the airbag container on the steering wheel and the armrest and insert of the central console.

Exposed carbon fibre can be found in the dashboard itself, the door trims, the rears of the backrests and the steering column housing. All controls of the car have a black anodised finish which is the main dominant colour in the interior to give the most sportiest look to the car. As for the price, the Bugatti Chiron Sport will set you back for 2.98 million Euro each!







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