Porsche wants to keep making naturally aspirated engines

With Europe’s uncompromising emission regulation, more and more cars are going turbocharged. Naturally aspirated cars are a dying breed and soon, will no longer be produced. With most of the 991.2 generation lineup going turbocharged, this leaves only the GT3 and GT3RS to be the only naturally aspirated models.

During an interview with the Australian publication Drive, Dr. Frank-Steffen Walliser, who is also Porsche’s head of GT motorsport and GT road cars, says Porsche’s intentions are to keep the GT3 and GT3RS naturally aspirated for as long as possible. To quote Walliser, “I would like to continue with it – it makes the car unique, it’s still a light engine”.

So why have Porsche gone with turbocharged engines for the rest of the 911 lineup? Again, strict emission regulation being the main reason. Interestingly, there have reports saying that the next generation 992 GT3 will be going turbocharged. For all the car purists and enthusiasts, we too are hoping that that is false news. We are hopeful that the GT3 and RS will continue being naturally aspirated for as long as possible.

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