Top 5 reasons why the ALL NEW Perodua Myvi is worth the money!

With the launch of the new Myvi, Perodua has made several changes and refinements to the car. Questions have been raised to whether the new model is worth the money. Here is a list showing 5 reasons why the new Perodua Myvi is worth every penny.

1. Advanced Safety Assist (A.S.A)

The all new Perodua Myvi comes with a very unique safety feature that can’t be found in any cars that are being sold in Malaysia in the sub RM60,000 price range. That feature is the Advanced Safety Assist (A.S.A). So what exactly is this feature and how does it work? This system is basically a pre-collision warning and braking system that works within 4KM/H and 30KM/H. It utilizes 2 stereo cameras on the top of the windscreen sense objects ahead. When the car senses that the driver is not paying attention to the car stopped in front, the system will generate a beeping noise and apply the weaker primary braking system that will slow down the car. If there is still no response from the driver the car will brake with maximum braking pressure which will stop the car completely. Accidents can only be avoidable under 20KM/H. From 20KM/H to 30KM/H, accident damages can only be minimized.

2. Built-in Touch ‘n Go reader!

The all new Perodua Myvi comes with a built-in touch n go reader which can be used as a smart tag when the car is passing by a toll. All you have to do is to insert the Touch n Go card into the designated slot and you are good to go! It can also check the balance of the card and beeps if the balance of the card is low. Hence there is no reason to be afraid of faulty smart tags that will cause havoc on the smart tag lane by creating a congestion during peak hours!

3. New engine, better fuel economy

The all new Perodua Myvi comes with 2 new Dual VVT-I engines for both of the 1.3L and the 1.5L version. The engine is originated from Toyota with DOHC and DUAL VVT-I. The 1.3L variant will be using the 1NR-VE engine that generates 94HP at 6,000 RPM and 121NM of torque at 4,000 RPM which is rather adequate for daily commuting. If the 1.3L variant is not meaty enough for you, the 1.5L is here to satisfy your need for more power. The 1.5L variant comes with a 2NR-VE engine that can be found in a Toyota Vios. This engine generates 102HP at 6,000 RPM and 136NM of torque at 4,200 RPM.

Fuel economy is excellent for both variants and has improved significantly compared to its predecessor. Fuel economy is rated at 21.1KM/L (4.74L/100KM) and 20.5KM/L (4.88L/100KM) for the 1.3L and the 1.5L variant respectively which Perodua claimed to be an increase in fuel efficiency of 32% on average compared to its predecessor. These figures are excellent and class leading which is a huge plus points for buyers that put a great emphasis on fuel economy when buying a car.

4. Revamped interior design

The all new Myvi comes with a brand new redesigned interior that replaces the dated design of its predecessor. The interior of the all new Myvi has a very nice metallic accent that runs around the air conditioning vents just like the Honda City to portray a more premium feel in the interior.

The gear lever has been moved down from the dashboard to a more conventional position along the seats. The controls for the air conditioning comes with a really nice screen that shows relevant information about the air conditioning such as fan speed, direction of blower etc. The knobs from the old Myvi that controls the air conditioning has been changed to buttons now that can be pressed to change the settings of the air condition.  The new head unit that can be found in the top of the range 1.5L AV variant comes with all sorts of features such as smartphone mirroring, GPS navigation, Bluetooth, SD card reader and many more.

The 1.5L AV also comes with a really nice reverse camera for an easier and fuss free parking. The Touch N Go card reader that is available from the 1.5H variant onwards is a genius move by Perodua because it gives a peace of mind for smart tag users due to the fact that they don’t have to worry about anything when passing by the smart tag toll lane because it will always work! Steering wheel is also nicely leather wrapped for 1.3L Advance and above. Overall, the new design of the all new Myvi is a huge step up when comparing to its predecessor in terms of functionality and practicality.

5. Full fledge safety systems

The all new Myvi comes with a full fledge driving aids such the vehicle stability control (VSC) with electronic brake force distribution (EBD) and anti-lock brakes system (ABS) as well as six airbags. Emergency stop signal is also included as well and not to mention the A.S.A system to further enhance the safety of the car. Other additional safety features such as the reverse camera (available in the 1.5 AV only) and front parking sensors (available in 1.3X and all 1.5 variants) are also available.

The all new Myvi is also a strong and sturdy car with 5- star safety rating in the ASEAN NCAP category. This 5-star rating applies to all of the variants of the new Myvi. Excellent crash test results coupled with outstanding safety features will propel the all new Myvi to become a strong proposition in its price range as well as deterring against ferocious competitors such as the Kia Picanto and the Proton Iriz.

 Full product video is available below.

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